Israel served blows in Gaza as it can’t get to its settlers


(Picture: PressTV)
The Israeli enemy is failing both in the north and south of Gaza. Al Qassam’s spokesperson Abu Obeida says these failures will continue wherever the enemy tries to infiltrate. He further noted that the recent temporary truce, which lasted for a week, has proven the truthfulness of the resistance and the enemy’s lies. He explains that no prisoner of war (POW) will be released except through a prisoner exchange process.
The US backed Israeli occupation forces last week tried to release a POW, a soldier, through an operation in Gaza. Instead, this was thwarted, and the POW killed by the occupation forces. Abu Obeida says neither Netanyahu nor his government or the Zionists in the White House can liberate a single soldier in the hands of Al-Qassam Brigades, as demonstrated by the failed operation.
[Picture: PressTV]


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