“Israel’ commits mass murder in Rafah


Picture: Quds News Network

The Israeli genocidal war machine is intensifying its aggression on the southern Gazan city of Rafah. The city which borders Egypt and is sheltering more than 1.4 million internally displaced Palestinians is being subjected to violent Israeli aerial bombardments and artillery shelling. More than a hundred people including children have slaughtered and over 230 other people have been injured

These numbers are set to rise as search and rescue teams are still pulling bodies and people from under the rubble. The Israeli occupation’s bombings targeted dozens of homes, the vicinity of the Kuwaiti Hospital and Al-Huda Mosque where people have taken shelter. 

In the midst of this latest genocidal crime…Palestinians remain steadfast. Video has emerged of a woman exclaiming that We are steadfast! Despite everything that is happening, we are steadfast! By Allah’s will, we will be liberated.”   

The Director of Kuwait Hospital in Rafah says the Israeli enemy is using internationally banned weapons in its deadly aggression on the city. The director says this yet again exposes the fallacy of justice in the world and only reveals the depth of duplicity. 

Under the watch of the international community and with the funding of the US the Israeli settler colonial entity has been given carte blanche to cold bloodily murder 28 000 Palestinian people.

Close to 70 000 other Palestinians have been maimed and woundedIsrael is also waging a starvation was and slowly killing Palestinians through its relentless siege on Gaza. It is denying Palestinians in Gaza food, watermedicines and other basics. 



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