Islam Khalilov hailed for bravery during Crocus concert hall terror attack


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A Muslim teenager is being praised for his heroism during last week’s deadly terrorist attack at a popular concert hall near Moscow in Russia.
The 15-year-old Islam Khalilov, a cloakroom attendant, saved over a hundred people by guiding them to an exit. Speaking to local media Khalilov says he thought some company was doing noisy repair work in the hall. But when he saw people running, he realised something was wrong. He says instinct kicked in – which was to evacuate people.
The teen says he is no hero and was only doing his job. But adds that its better sacrifice oneself than allow a hundred people to die. On Friday four gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall and opened fire thousands of people who were attending a rock concert before setting fire to the venue. Close to 140 people were killed and a number of others wounded.
Four men have been arrested in connection with the act of terror. The Grand Mufti of Russia has announced that Khalilov will be honoured with the Medal of Muslims of Russia during this week’s Friday prayers. He and another teenager received a medal for bravery from Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights.


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