Iraqi hackers shuts down four major Israeli websites


[Picture: Twitter]

A massive cyber-attack by a group of Iraqi hackers has knocked the websites of four major ports in the Israeli-occupied territories offline.

It comes just weeks after a group of pro-Palestinian hackers from Bangladesh shut down the websites of two commercial Israeli ports.

The hacker group, calling itself “AL- tahrea Team” took down the websites of Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, and Eilat ports earlier today.

It’s unclear if the hackers stole any sensitive information or personal data. Last week, social media activists said that various Israeli websites were out of reach due to a widespread cyber-attack launched by the Iraqi hacker group.

At the time, Iraqi hackers posted a picture of Iran’s top anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated in a US drone strike authorized by former president Donald Trump near Baghdad International Airport in January 2020.  


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