Iran’s attack against “Israel” was courageous and wise: Hezbollah


Hezbollah has hailed Iran’s qualitative and unprecedented attack on the oppressive Israeli entity.

The Lebanese resistance movement says the decision to firmly respond to the Zionist aggression against the Iranian consulate in Syria was courageous and wise. It notes that Tehran achieved its precise military objectives despite the US, its international allies, and its regional tools trying to counter the attack.

Hezbollah adds that the long-term political and strategic objectives of this significant development will gradually become apparent over time. It says this will pave the way for a new phase in the Palestinian issue and in the historical struggle with this enemy.

Iran’s operation True Promise means that all members of the Axis of Resistance have directly confronted the US backed Israeli entity. Iran has long provided military support to resistance groups confronting the Israeli and American hegemony in the Middle East.


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