Iran tells France and Germany to ‘stay in their lane’


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Iran has subsequently told Germany and France to ‘stay in their lane’ after Tehran seized two Greek-flagged oil tankers in Gulf waters last week.

Spokesperson for the Iranian foreign ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh slammed the two European nations’ interference as inappropriate. Khatibzadeh says such interference in Iran’s independent judicial processes won’t help resolve the issues.

The seizure comes just days after Athens confirmed that it would deliver Iranian oil it had seized from a Russian tanker to Washington.

In response, Germany and France condemned the seizure saying it violates international law, and demanded that Iran release oil it produced, as well as the ship’s crews.

However, Khatibzadeh slapped back calling out the European nations for protesting against legal measures taken in Iran while remaining silent in the face of the illegal seizure of the Iranian-flagged ship by Greek authorities, and the unloading of its cargo.


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