Iran cultural week at the Castle of Good Hope


[Picture: Radio 786]

The Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Embassy of Iran in collaboration with Simorgh Andishenegar Institute, hosted an Iran cultural week on 18th April 2024, at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.

Greetings with warm smiles, various Iranian sample products for purchase and enchanted by a group of Iranian musicians, welcomed Capetonians to experience a showcase of the best of Iranian creativity.

Ceo of Castle of Good Hope, Calvyn Gilfellan says, this is a powerful expression of cultural solidarity between the people of South Africa and the people of Iran, that it’s important to connect in language, culture, heritage and Arts & craft, as it signifies a political expression.

Radio 786 also chats to Iranian artist and designer Ilhaam as we reviewed her captivated designs, colours and handicrafts.


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