IOF flee Jenin, “carrying its tails of disappointment and defeat”


(Picture: QNN)

Victory has been declared in the Palestinian city of Jenin after the Israeli occupation military was forced to flee as it faced two days of fierce resistance.

The Zionist forces failed in their objectives including breaking the spirit of the resistance.

The Political Bureau Chief of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh congratulated Palestinians on inflicting a “humiliating defeat” on the Israel enemy.

He noted that the days of Israel perpetrating crimes against the Palestinian nation without paying the price are over.

Islamic Jihad’s Secretary-General Ziad al-Nakhaleh saluted the Palestinian people saying they have proved that they can defeat the enemy in any confrontation.

The military wing of Hamas also praised the resistance fighters describing their steadfastness as legendary. It says these fighters barred the occupation forces from entering the refugee camp, thwarted their plans, and turned the streets and alleys of the camp into fire and flames that burned the Israeli soldiers and their vehicles.

More than 10 Palestinians were martyred in Israel’s two-day assault on Jenin.

During the assault the occupation regime deliberately destroyed infrastructure and targeted public institutions like hospitals in Jenin as it failed in the battle.

At least one Israeli soldier was was confirmed killed, and several others wounded in confrontations with the resistance fighters.


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