Investment in jobs, infrastructure and health – Ramaphosa’s ERP


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South Africa must bolster its local manufacturing sector. President Cyril Ramaphosa said this can be achieved through reaffirming partnerships and furthering support for local trade. This as South Africa imports an estimate of R1.1 trillion of goods annually.

The President contends that manufacturing and selling just 10% of those resources locally will bolster the country’s ailing economy. He delivered the much awaited Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan to Parliament today.

President Ramaphosa said the country has gone through a fire, and that the green shoots of development will help grow the country’s ailing economy. The Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan outlines economic reforms, an extension of the Social Distress Relief Grant, and support for local industries.

Political commentator, Khaya Sitholesaid while the President had provided the vision, the practical implementation remains a problem.

R350 Grant to be round-up

The President signaled that the Special Covid-19 Grant of R350 a month will be cancelled with the conclusion of the state of disaster. This comes amidst calls for a basic income grant. The current grant will be paid for another three months after it was supposed to end this month (October).

More than 6 million unemployed people are currently receiving the grant. The President said it is impossible to extend the grant given “the stressed nature” of South Africa’s financial resources.

Political analyst, Khaya Sithole believes that government is playing fair in preparing the public for the cancellation of the Social Distress Relief Grant.

Promise of 800,000 jobs

Government says 300,000 work opportunities will be created for young people to serve as education and school assistants. It is hoped that this would help teachers with basic and routine work. This while more than 60,000 jobs will be created for labour-intensive maintenance and construction of municipal infrastructure and rural roads.

Government will invest in an additional 6,000 community health workers and nursing assistants. President Ramaphoa said these services would be deployed as South Africa proceeds with the implementation of National Health Insurance scheme.

Some of the other jobs to be created will be in the provincial and local governments.

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May 22, 2022
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