Into the Realm of Magic And Black Magic


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Voodoo Doll on a wooden background with dramatic lighting

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble: we take a deep and realistic look into the world of Magic and Black Magic. Guiding us in the conversation is Moulana Sarfaraaz Hamza. We unpack the truths, of mystical practices and myths. In this episode, we learn the definition of magic – something that cannot be explained is then associated with magic. We learn of the three types of ‘magic’ – potions, tricks and mind control. We derive inspiration from stories from the Qur’an to explain practices, mystical items and the logical explanations behind them. We further touch on the aspect of Angels and Demons. And is your ‘bad luck’ simply the butterfly effect of your actions? Listen to the full interview here:

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October 24, 2021
Thuhr Athaan


1 Hours 14 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr04:25 04:28
Thuhr12:30 12:33
Asr16:11 16:14
Maghrib19:08 19:11
Isha20:31 20:34
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