Almost R1m ‘mismanaged’ at MJC, potential fraud found


(Picture: Muslim Judicial Council)

The Muslim Judicial Council’s executive (MJC) stands accused of financial mismanagement and control failures.

A four-member commission of inquiry reached the conclusion after being tasked to investigate 38 transactions to the tune of more than R928 000. These transactions were declared as “assistance” in the MJC’s annual financial statement for the period 2021/2022.

Radio 786 is in possession of the report which found that large cash withdrawals and payments amounting to over R470 000 are unaccounted for. The inquiry says it could not be traced back to any valid receipt. It also found that some receipts may have been fraudulently manufactured, which it warns could legally amount to fraud and could have far-reaching consequences. The MJC’s Treasurer, Shaykh Fadhil Emandien apparently told the inquiry that the money was used for monthly expenses. However, no documentation was provided to support this. The payments were also found not to have been authorised by the MJC’s exco, in accordance with the theological body’s constitution.

The commission has made several recommendations. These include:

  • Establishing a finance committee of both internal and external experts to evaluate the MJC’s financial processes. It will need to provide a detailed report and action plan of remedial measures, and to implement measures to create a strong financial control environment.
  • Appoint a new financial auditor for the 2023 financial year.
  • Immediately replace the treasurer with persons that possess the necessary skills for the job.

The inquiry was set up in the wake of a letter penned by a former executive member, Moulana Yusuf Arieff last year in which he demanded an explanation of how Covid-19 funds were spent to allegedly assist Imams. The MJC however has been tight lipped about the issue ever since.

During efforts by Radio 786 to confirm the authenticity of the commission of inquiry’s report, a senior member of the MJC maintained that the report is confidential, despite the MJC being a public organisation that purports to represent the Muslim community.


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