Inquest hears of Imam’s dedication to anti-apartheid cause


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Imam Abdullah Haron told his family that he would rather die than divulge who his compatriots are.

This assertion was made in a letter he had written to Pan African Congress member, Barney Desai in London.

The Imam’s eldest daughter, Shamela Shamis had told the inquest into his death, that there had also been communication that the apartheid Security Branch had interrogated him about his funding.

But Haron had insisted that he works alone, and that the regime could find nothing to implicate him.

Judge Daniel Thulare has noted to the court that it appears that the Imam was beaten to death because of his resolve to protect the resistance and his comrades.

Day 4 of the inquest is hearing testimony from the anti-apartheid activist’s family, including his eldest daughter, his son, Dr Mohammed Haron, and other relative, Zainul Makda.

They are providing insights into the Imam as a father, community leader, and the time that he was incarcerated.


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