Inquest Day 2: Emotional day for Haron family


Picture: Radio 786

Day 2 of the Imam Abdullah Haron death inquest has proven emotionally draining for his loved ones.

Today’s proceedings were made up of in loco inspections of the Caledon and Milnerton police stations.

Haron was imprisoned and later died at these Apartheid-era facilities.

The inquest inspected the staircase on which the Security Branch claimed that he had fallen and injured himself.

Haron’s children, Mohammed, Shamila and Fatima, had visited these sights for the first time since their father died in 1969.

The inquest then headed back to the Cape High Court, where aeronautical engineer Thivash Moodley discounted the pathologist of the time’s report; saying that there are several injuries on Haron’s body inconsistent with a slip and fall down a staircase.

The inquest has also critiqued Haron’s rib injury, saying that it was far too forward to have been sustained from the fall.


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