Importance Of Integrative Healing


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In this segment of Love Matters, we take a deep dive into the different therapies and medicines, and how healing all aspects of the body lead to living a full and healthy life! The contentious issue of Traditional vs Conventional Medicine is addressed and how this affects our healing.

Is bouncing back, physically, after a traumatic experience as admirable as it sounds? But before we can heal, we need to identify the disease we are afflicted with – perhaps it’s actually a dis-ease than a disease? Are we limiting the healing of ourselves and others, by defining these medical terms in one specific way?

We keep healing in our vocabulary – healing not just of our physical bodies, but psychologically, spiritually or a combination of these aspects that make up who we are. May we all achieve overall wholeness and health. Joining Sitara in the conversation, is mission trailblazer and integrative healer, Sameer Charles

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Jun 29, 2022
Fajr Athaan


13:00 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr06:23 06:26
Thuhr12:50 12:53
Asr15:29 15:32
Maghrib17:48 17:51
Isha19:12 19:15
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