Imam Haron’s political views were evident through his actions


Picture: Imam Haron Foundation

The stakeholders in the judiciary that were involved in the initial Imam Abdullah Haron death inquest, and the medical team that assessed his body, must be posthumously stripped of their titles because they had violated their oaths of office.

This is the call from Imam Abdullah Haron’s son, Mohammed.

He was speaking at the reopening of the inquest into his father’s death.

Haron has also called for the report from this inquest to be used as an example of a failure of justice.

“The findings of the first inquest was and remains highly problematic and unquestionably inaccurate. That the furnished tangible evidence that the Imam fell from the staircase, caused his death is not only pack of legal lies but they are outrageously absurd. Each of the security branch members who were involved in the Imam’s death be posthumously or not found guilty of intentional torture and calculated murder.” – Dr Mohammed Haron

He told the inquest that his father did not speak about his political activities and views at home, but they were evident in other ways.

“Because he had gone to Langa and Gugulethu, there were individuals who opted to enter Islam. And I remember one very loveable individual, Shamiel Khula. He used to come to the house on many occasions. There is a photograph of him and my father and what this indicated was that this father of ours was colour blind. No matter from which home you came from, no matter from which racial background you came from, you are welcome in this home. ” – Dr Mohammed Haron


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