Israeli settlers attack Muslim worshippers at the Al Qibli prayer hall


[Picture: @TamerMisshal / Twitter]

There is no let-up in the Israelis desecration of the holy Al Mosque compound. Illegal Israeli settlers under the protection of the occupation forces have now stormed the noble sanctuary following a night-time assault on the Al Qibli prayer hall and Muslim worshippers.

The Zionist forces are on a drive to expel Palestinians from the holy mosque. Video footage shows Israeli soldiers shoving people as they perform their salaah or prayers.

Other videos show Israeli forces beating worshippers and in of the video’s soldiers’ gang up on a young Palestinian and beat him.

Meanwhile, Hamas has l urged the Palestinians masses from across the occupied territories to respond with all means in their possession to “this heinous crime.” They have also called on Palestinians to defend the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.


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