ICJ: Israel must stop Rafah aggression immediately


[Picture: DoJ]

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has welcomed the latest decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which demands that the criminal Zionist entity immediately stops its aggression on the city of Rafah, it halts all measures that lead to genocide, allowing aid into all areas of the Gaza Strip, and permitting United Nations committees to enter and investigate the crimes of genocide.

Despite this ruling, and others handed down by the ICJ this year, the Zionist regime has continued its violations.

Hamas has highlighted the developments in Jabaliya and other areas of Gaza, as they are still enduring the US-backed Israeli genocidal attacks.

Meanwhile, international law scholar and Palestinian activist, Manal Tamimi says that ethnic cleansing is continuing across Palestine, and there is no evidence of change on the ground.

She was responding to the ICJ ruling on the Israeli attacks on Rafah.

South Africa approached the international court after the US-backed Israeli regime intensified its destruction of Rafah, which was meant to be a safe zone for displaced Palestinians in Gaza.

Tamimi says that Palestinians have lost faith in international rulings.


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