“Hujaaj embalmed in the divinity of the Creator”


Picture: Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and Saudi Press Agency

The rituals of Hajj prepare pilgrims to fully recognise their shortcomings, and to earnestly seek forgiveness from the Creator.

This is the reflection of Professor Aslam Fataar, who had performed the holy pilgrimage last year.

He says that the day of Wuquf, which is observed on Mount Arafat is evidence of individual struggles within a sea of people experiencing the same thing.

Fataar notes that despite this, the sense of self, and one’s obligation to society is reinvigorated through the remembrance of Allah.

The hours of supplication on Arafat will be followed by a journey to Muzdalifah, where pilgrims will collect 49 pebbles needed for the stoning of the devil ritual in Mina.

It symbolises the struggle to overcome humanity’s internal challenges.


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