How do you express love: Love Languages


On today’s episode of Love Matters, we delve into the ways we express and receive love. The type of love we use to communicate our heartfelt commitment to our partner / spouse – a language. A Love Language. Is spending time more meaningful to you or do actions speak louder than words?

Mission trailblazer and integrative healer, Sameer Charles joins the discussion with the Community Pulse team.
– What does your spouse do / don’t do that hurts you deeply?
– What do you request the most from your partner / spouse?
– How do you regularly express your love to your partner / spouse?

Explore the 5 Love Languages with us and let us know what yours is: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch.
Sameer adds that it’s important to note that your language can change over time, as you heal from past trauma or work on yourself. Allow for space for your relationship to grow and get to know your Love Language to express the most possible joy and beauty of the relationship, together.

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