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As Radio 786 heads closer towards celebrating its 25th birthday, we also celebrate the people who built the core foundation of Radio 786, setting the ball into motion back then, so you the listeners can hear and experience radio as we know it now. One of those such people included former station manager Amien Ahmed. Known for being one of the pillars of Radio 786 during its inception, and helping to develop and up-skill then Radio 786 staff who now have inspirational success stories. Ahmed was a driver for change and development and was also one of the major role players in drawing up Radio 786’s license application in the earlier days. To take us through his journey at Radio 786, we are joined by the former station manager of Radio 786, Amien Ahmed…

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May 17, 2022
Fajr Athaan


Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr06:06 06:09
Thuhr12:43 12:46
Asr15:32 15:35
Maghrib17:52 17:55
Isha19:14 19:17
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