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We are a community talk radio station broadcasting on 100.4 FM to the greater Cape Town metropolitan  area in the Western Cape and globally via online streaming.

Founded by the Islamic Unity Convention, Radio 786 was awarded a temporary license for six consecutive years. It launched at the Vygieskraal stadium in Athlone in September 1995. The launch was seen as a catalyst in the Muslim community of Cape Town, inspired by the legacy of the late anti-Apartheid fighter, Imam Abdulah Haron.

Haron was killed in detention by the Apartheid government for resisting racial segregated policies and actively speaking out against its injustice.

Radio 786’s establishment and formation was supported by more than 250 organizations. From civil society, religious organisations and the business fraternity, the broadcaster garnered in excess of 66 000 supporters.

Radio 786’s commitment to inform, educate and uplift is reflected in a broad range of programming which includes local and  international news and current affairs, social issues, the family unit, community development and  empowerment, sports and recreation.

Radio 786 has become a vital part of the community, recognised for its quality programmes, well-polished presentation style,  accommodation of diverse views and opinions, topical and often exclusive current affairs interviews and  dealing with issues that affects our community.

The station hosted several ground-breaking broadcasting initiatives in its early days from places like Robben Island and built a reputation for being an active participant in South Africa’s fledgling democracy with its coveted election broadcasts.

In 2014, Radio 786 won a 16-year-long battle championing the rights of free speech. Based on a complaint by the South African Jewish board of deputies, the case had progressed to the highest courts in the land which led to sections of the Broadcasting Act being overturned in 2002.

Radio 786 celebrated two decades of broadcasting in 2015 which was celebrated as a milestone for community media. The broadcaster hosted an International media symposium at Kirstenbosch Gardens, bringing together alternate media houses from America, Latin America, Australia, Asia, the middle-east and Africa. The theme; Bolstering the African Voice was motivated by the reality that the media fraternity still misrepresents or distorts African voices. The symposium concluded with the commitment to strengthen relations between alternate media houses. There was a resolute undertaking to ensure that community voices are not silenced and are instead at the forefront of shaping narratives.

The station’s resolve was to implement its vision which set in motion the establishment of Radio 786’s Broadcasting and Media Centre. The studios incorporate top-end broadcast systems, a fully digital operations centre and the design space to produce and develop fresh and dynamic approaches to broadcasting.

Radio 786’s strength lies in its ability to set standards and break boundaries. The station remains at the cutting edge of South Africa’s fast-pace news cycle. It’s credibility lies in it being a broadcaster of truth, exclusive interviews and a wealth of contacts.

By 2020, Radio 786 celebrated 25 years of broadcasting, having launched a new brand identity and a multi-media unit capable of broadcasting high-end quality video across the world.

News Headlines

May 20, 2022
Asr Athaan


1 Hours 46 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr06:08 06:11
Jumuah12:43 12:46
Asr15:31 15:34
Maghrib17:50 17:53
Isha19:12 19:15
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