Hezbollah gives initial military response to Al-Arouri assassination


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In a preliminary response to the Israeli assassination of senior Hamas leader Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri and six of his comrades in Lebanon, Hezbollah has successfully hit the Zionist entity’s primary war and spy command centre in the north.

In a statement the Lebanese resistance movement says it struck the enemy’s sole air surveillance base called Meron in the region with 62 missiles. It achieved direct hits.

The Meron base is located on the Mount Jarmaq, the highest peak in the occupied lands.

Hezbollah says the Zionist base is the nerve centre which is responsible for organising, coordinating, and managing all air operations towards Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, and the northern part of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, it the main centre for the Israeli occupation’s electronic jamming operations in those directions and is staffed with a large number of elite officers and soldiers.

A former commander of the Israeli occupation’s army’s Northern Command, Asher Ben Lulu has confirmed that the Meron base is of utmost strategic importance to Zionist entity in the north. He has described the Hezbollah attack as an extremely exceptional event. This while the Zionist media are questioning whether Hezbollah has cross red lines as it has attacked the state’s eye in the north.


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