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Warriors of Hope and Radio 786 have pledged to eradicate the stigma around menstruation. The campaign kicked off at the end of Women’s Month. It will elevate awareness, educate, and restore dignity to thousands of women and girls who don’t have access to sanitary products.

Every woman and adolescent girl experiences the miracle of menstruation, yet this natural part of life has been stigmatized by society. And the products needed during this time are often costly and harmful to the environment.

The development of washable sanitary products could not have come any sooner, as approximately 7 million girls in South Africa have no access, or cannot afford to buy the conventional sanitary items.

Many are therefore forced to skip school or work, placing them in extremely vulnerable situations. Besides their self-esteem being affected, their education is compromised, and their financial security is drastically reduced.

Warriors of Hope has created a washable sanitary towel, made by women, for women.

Available in packs of six, and can repeatedly be used for three years.

Using these washable sanitary towels means only having to replace them after three years, therefore drastically reducing the financial strain that menstruation places on women. Users will also feel comforted that these washable towels will provide full protection and save the planet.

Over the next few months, in collaboration with Radio 786, Warriors of Hope aims to initiate thought processes and conversations in homes around how we can better care for all women and their menstrual cycles.

Let’s consider how we can better care for our wives, daughters and sisters.

Let’s contemplate our duty to protect and improve the condition of the environment.

Let’s consider our colleagues in work spaces on their cycles.

You can join this cause by starting conversations in your homes and work spaces, show support on our social media pages and most importantly purchase a pack of washable sanitary towels from Warriors of Hope for yourself, loved ones or sponsor those in need.

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