Haron family visit “crime scenes” for the first time


(Picture: Radio 786)

Cape Town Central police station is the first stop for the in loco inspection which forms part of the Imam Abdullah Haron Inquest.

The police station formerly known as Caledon Square is where the apartheid police claim that the 45-year-old anti-apartheid activist had slipped on stairs on September 19, 1969. They allege that this fall resulted in him sustaining bruises. A claim that the Haron family has rejected.

The notorious security branch officers Dirk Kotze Genis and Johannes Petrus van Wyk, otherwise known as “Spyker” led Imam Haron’s detention and his brutal interrogation in prison.

I am a bag of mix emotions and in a turmoil because I’m trying to track back 53 years ago when he [Imam Abdullah Haron] was arrested. When he came to the police station. How my father felt – that feeling of the unknown for him. – Fatima Haron-Masoet outside the Cape Town Central police station

The second inspection was at the Maitland police station where the Imam was found dead in his cell.


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