Hamas-Fatah closer to Palestinian unity


Picture: Andalou Agency

Palestinian factions are yet again trying to forge a path of unity.

A reconciliation agreement has been struck in the Algerian capital after talks with 14 groups including Hamas and Fatah.

The two-day talks held under the auspices of the Algerian government has agreed on the election of the Palestinian National Council within a year.

The council will be elected through a proportional representation system and all factions will participate.

The Palestinian National Initiative Secretary-General Mustafa Barghouti says the declaration also ensured that the factions could hold presidential and legislative elections in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

An Algerian-Arab working group is said to oversee the implementation of the terms of the agreement in cooperation with Palestinian officials.

The Palestinian leadership has long been divided between Fatah and Hamas.

The divisions rose when Hamas scored a landslide victory in 2006 elections.

Several attempts at reconciliation between the two parties have failed.


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