HAJJ SERIES: The essence of Hajj


We must realize the essence of what was done during Hajj.

Sufism : Starts in Mina and remains there forever without going through Arafat and Mashar(Muzdalifa).
Philosophy: Comes to Mashar but does not reach Mina.
Civilization: Remains in Arafat not going to Mashar and Mina.

Islam: Starts from Arafat and goes to Mashar (a passage full of responsibility and movement), reaches Mina(the stage of ideals and love, and surprisingly meets with Allah and Satan!

Here they are talking about “you” and your fate and not about worldly matters. To God belongs whatever exists in this world. Here they are talking about “man” in whom Allah and Satan exist together. This duality is within man and not in nature. Mina is the land of love, faith and future. It is there where Allah and Satan are struggling within you for your Ismail. Mina is the land of all your hopes and needs.

Even to your surprise, the day of “victory” is the “bloody ‘Id” Instead of a “birthday party” there is a “sacrifice party” for the son; “The ‘Id of Sacrifice”

Look at this nation’s tradition, history and honors! It does not care about its blood relations or homeland, but about its faith and freedom. The nation of monotheism the people who have the responsibility of the freedom of mankind from Adam ‘ to the hereafter, the freedom-fighters who even fight their own natures, those who have extended the “battle front “from Badr to Mina – these are the slaves who have so deeply realized the meaning of “freedom”. They free themselves not only from the Pharaoh, but their Ismail too and not only their enemies, but their relatives too!

*From the book Hajj(The Pilgrimage) by Dr Ali Shariati

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