Hajj is an intensification of humanity’s daily tests


Picture: Haramain Sharafain

The trials of hajj reflect the tests of faith endured by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his family.

Sheikh Ismail Keraan, in delivering the Eid ul Adha talk, drew comparisons between the triumphs of Muslims through their faith, and the struggles that got them to that point.

Keraan also noted that the hajj is therefore a reflection of life; which always comes with tests.

The Creator says in the Quran, that Muslims’ faith will be tested, which give them insights into their level of belief.

Keraan says that the day of Arafat also serves as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of faith, which gives rise to the improvement of humanity.

This day also marks the Eid of sacrifice.

Muslims from around the world will either observe this celebration today or tomorrow.

In keeping with its name, Muslims will reenact the test that Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail were given by their Creator.

It’s traditional to slaughter a sheep, but Muslims are also allowed to sacrifice other livestock.


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