Hackers cause panic in Apartheid Israel


The Israeli occupation regime were left scrambling as its rocket warning sirens blared in the towns of al-Quds and Eilat.

It’s suspected a cyberattack was behind what the Zionist military calls a system malfunction. However, the regime’s cyber directorate (INCD) has not indicated who it suspects of carrying out the hack, but the Israeli Army Radio quoted a former official as accusing Iran.

The cyber operation comes just a week after a hacker group identifying itself as the “Moses Staff” broke into the Israeli electricity network, vowing to plunge the regime into darkness.

Earlier this year, the same group struck Israel’s closed-circuit television cameras in the occupied Palestinian territories and an occupation military technology company. In a message regarding that operation, it said “We see with your eyes.”

According to Moses Staff’s website, the group has so far hacked scores of servers and hundreds of websites and compiled terabytes of data.


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