Habits That Destroy Intimacy Pt.3


In this edition of Love Matters, we further our discussion on Habits that Destroy Intimacy. We wrap up this topic by looking at the final two habits: independent behavior and annoying patterns.

These love destroyers can create conflict in our relationships and can have a positive or negative effect on you and your spouse. ‘…you can look at it like a love bank. So you either deposit or you withdraw love units from the love bank. With every decision you make, there has to be consciousness – that it’s not just about you anymore.”

In this conversation, we further the conversation on how certain habits, independent behavior needs to be mitigated by interdependent behavior; taking joint agreement on things and taking a mutual interest into things.

Mental Health Professional and Consciousness Couch, Sameer Charles, and Relationship Counsellor and Couples Coach and Researcher, Sumaya Hoosain joins us for today’s segment of Love Matters.

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