Great War will lead to “Israel’s” demise – Nasrallah


(Picture: Al Manar)

The Israeli occupation regime has been warned against carrying out any foolish attacks on the resistance front in the Middle East.

The leader of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassen Nasrallah has told Zionist Israel that any miscalculation might blow up the entire region and spell its demise. He was speaking on the 23rd anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day in Lebanon. It marks the fleeing of the Israeli occupation forces from the Arab country.

Nasrallah pointed to how the tables have turned. He says the Zionist entity can longer make threats of a large-scale war, it’s now resistance who is threatening them of such warfare. He further revealed that the resistance has thousands of fighters, outnumbering the occupying Israeli regime.

Hezbollah recently carried out military maneuvers, which Nasrallah says struck fear into the hearts of the illegal Israeli settlers’ and led to a drop in the Israeli currency against the US dollar.

In recent years the axis of resistance has become a stronger force. The resistance groups and certain Middle Eastern countries have been coordinating their military operations against Israel as well as speaking the same language.


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