Government betraying Biko legacy


Picture: AIDC

The ANC-led government has betrayed the people that Steve Biko had sacrificed his life to liberate.

This is the accusation from author and journalist, Lukhanyo Calata.

He was speaking to Radio 786, as the September 12 marks 45 years since Biko was murdered at the hands of Apartheid police.

Biko, considered the father of the Black Consciousness Movement, had been a strong proponent of reclaiming and celebrating what it means to be African in defiance of any oppressive regime.

Calata, who’s father, Fort (Cradock Four), was also murdered by the Apartheid regime, says that he was raised on three principles of struggle.

These were focused on the political, economic, and cultural liberation of black South Africans.

He says that while the political liberation meant that everyone can participate in the country’s democracy, the economic struggle continues.

Calata says that this is a key failure of the ANC-led government.

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