Getting your spiritual house in order


[Picture: Daria Rom/ Unsplash]

Community Pulse brings a new series to airwaves of Radio 786 and that is getting your spiritual house in order. The guest Mualimah Waseemah concludes the discussion with a quote by Ibn Ata Allah, “If a tablet is not wiped clean of it’s figures, nothing can be written upon it.

A single heart cannot serve as the place for two things, let alone for several things. If the heart is filled with the forms of sensory perceptions, it is rare that it would perceive the meaning of Allah, even if one were to say Allah a thousand times.

When the heart is empty of all that is other-than-God, if one uttered Allah only once, one would find such bliss that the tongue could not describe.

The above quote expresses the importance of getting your spiritual in order especially in the preparation for the month of Ramadan.


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