Euro-fascism on the rise as Germany abducts child over Islamic beliefs


Picture: screen grab / Press TV

A Muslim German child has been kidnapped by police and child protection services due to his parents teaching him that homosexuality is not accepted in Islam.

A video of the abduction has gone viral, showing the child screaming and crying to stay with his family.

The child’s teachers reportedly learned that his parents were teaching him about Islam’s views on homosexuality.

They then reported it to child protection services.

In 2012, the Nordic Committee for Human Rights wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, strongly condemning the “destructive child removal” activities taking place in Nordic countries, including Sweden.

It noted that parents with religious and philosophical beliefs, which do not seem to be politically accepted, are often deemed as unsuitable parents, which leads the social councils, acting upon the advice of the social workers, to remove the children from their families and place them in foster homes. 


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