German cases of Islamophobia ‘under-reported’


Picture: Daily Sabah

An independent government appointed commission has found that Muslims in Germany face daily racism, hatred, and discrimination.

The Independent Group of Experts’ work spanned three years to provide a comprehensive report on the racism faced by the Muslim population in the European country.

It found, after analyzing the scientific studies, police crime statistics, and documentation of anti-Muslim incidents by different agencies, that at least one-third of Muslims in Germany have been victims of racism due to their religious background.

The experts noted that the real numbers are probably higher as only 10 percent of the Muslim population report hostility and hate crimes against them.

The discrimination extends to stereotyping of Muslims across all age groups.

It also showed that many Germans agree with anti-Muslim sentiments, which provides a dangerous breeding ground for extremist groups.

This report comes as the anti-Islam sentiment is growing in Europe.

Most recently France has issued a hijab ban on a Muslim women’s soccer team, while a Swedish court approved the burning of Islam’s holy book, the Quran.


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