Food security and making the cost of living bearable


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Like the Covid-19 pandemic – the skyrocketing fuel prices have exposed how South Africans are battling to put bread on the table. Some households have been pushed to avoid buying healthy foods or even meat. For example, people are eating canned meat.

However, these threats of hunger did not start now…instead it has only advanced as the country’s inequality gap widens.

Various administrations have spoken about improving the lives of the working class and pulling the poor from poverty through economic reforms but implementation and thinking outside the box remains the stumbling blocks. A case in point the mess with the roll out of the R350 SRD grant.

How can South Africa establish sustainable household food security and make the cost of living bearable and affordable?


  • Charles Simane – Researcher and organiser, Cooperative and Policy Alternative Centre
  • Matthew Parks – Parliamentary coordinator, Cosatu
  • Professor Julian May – Centre of Excellence of Food Security at UWC

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