Fixing the economy is the most important challenge – Ramaphosa


[Picture: GCIS]

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that fixing the economy is the most important challenge that he will address.

He has however reminded the National Assembly that this focus will not take away from other areas that also need attention.

“It’s a presidency that is at work to drive a coherent and effective programme of action across government. This is a government elected by the people for the people. This is a government that remains united around a common goal and programme of action that won’t be deflected or diverted from its course because of statements like ‘it’s a bloated presidency’,” says President Ramaphosa.

The president has received much flack for covering up for his ministers who have been criticised for failing to fulfill their duties.

Many Members of Parliament have noted that the president’s decision to create more posts in the Presidency is evidence of his lack of confidence in his Cabinet.


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