A great connector of people, bidding farewell to Boeta Ali


Ali Isaacs, a pioneering member of the Radio 786 team, has passed away at the age of 66. Station manager, Tashreeq Truebody, says that Boeta Ali was a great connector of people, and was one of Radio 786’s greatest assets. Brand and Communications Manager, Rushni Allie, remembers his complete dedication to Radio 786, which even extended to him declining several other job opportunities. Boeta Ali is remembered for his inexhaustible energy, and commitment to Radio 786 and the community it serves.

Meanwhile messages of condolence are pouring in from all quarters to Isaacs’ family as he is remembered for his warmth and friendly nature.

"Nakhlistan is saddened by the passing of Boeta Allie Isaacs. He was a man of character and principles. His face and voice was the first we would hear and see at Radio 786. May he be rewarded for all the good he did in our community and be granted a high place in Jannah, Aameen. With Love and Light."

"I echo the sentiments in this eulogy wholeheartedly. May Allah SWT grant Boeta Ali Jannatul Firdaus Insha'Allah Ameen Ya RabbalAlameen & place Sabr in the hearts of his family, friends & loved ones Insha'Allah. With Lots of Love."

Boeta Ali is survived by his wife Aunty Asma, his daughters Ruqayyah, Najma, Hajira and Firdous, and his son Mohammad Saaligh.

"We would like extend our condolences on the death of Boeta Ali, we make duaa for his soul to rest in peace and for our Almighty Allah to grant him a special place among his favoured ones, as Boeta Alli was a special man. And for his family to regain your strength, in this time of sadness. Boeta Ali was a warm kind and friendly man on and off air. We will miss him dearly. “I wish I could say something to help ease the pain of the family. May the Almighty give you patience and ease to pass through these times. And to all of you at Radio786 we make Duaa."


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