Eskom’s Polluting Days Come to Halt


Eskom has once again failed to install the necessary carbon emission filters at Medupi power station, which has now led to it becoming a major polluter.

That’s the criticism from energy expert, Tshepo Kgadima.

Medupi is one of Eskom’s newer power stations.

But the utility has noted that it will have to increase its carbon emissions at several power stations or be forced to implement load shedding.

It’s since failed to get permission.

But Kgadima says that this is another indication that the Eskom board is failing in its duties as its only focused on unbundling the utility.

He contends that this practice is illegal as its in contravention of the Eskom Convention Act of 2001.

Kgadima has criticised the South African government for failing to appoint the appropriate and skilled members to the Eskom board.

He says that unbundling Eskom will come with further costs to the country’s economy and the public.

This as the energy regulator, NERSA, does not have the formula to determine the difference in the proposed new divisions of the unbundled Eskom.

[Header image: Eskom]

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