Kidnapped Moti Brothers Return Home Safely


Police psychologists are set to help investigators with the interviewing of the four Moti brothers after their kidnapping ordeal.

They were taken three weeks ago while on their way to school.

According to police the brothers Zia, Alaan, Zayyad and Zidan arrived at a residence in the Vuwani area in Limpopo last night. They said they were dropped-off on a nearby road.

Examined by a doctor they were found to be in good health.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo says the kids appeared to be in high spirits during their reunion with their parents.

The motive surrounding their kidnapping as well as those behind the crime remains unclear at this stage. Police say their investigation into the incident continues.

Meanwhile the Moti parents have expressed their relief at the safe return of their sons. In a statement Naazim and Shakira Moti say they are overjoyed.

They have expressed their gratitude to South Africans for praying for their kids’ safe return and asked that they be given some privacy during this period as they look to healing as a family. The statement adds that they will speak to the media within a few days.

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