Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Everlasting Happiness


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Our emotions greatly impact how we live on this Earth. It impacts our careers, workplaces, relationships of all kinds and life in general. Sister Sumaya Hoosain speaks with host Qaadirah of the key to a long and happy life with our partner. Emotional intelligence is the key to strengthen the bond between successful couples. it leads to mutual affection, respect, holding each other in high esteem and excellent communication. These all attribute to happiness and being able to successfully navigating through conflict and issues. Yet, people with high emotional intelligence are able to separate themselves from the couple and stand as a sole individual and set and respect boundaries.
People with high emotional intelligence are able to stay in touch with their emotions and the emotions of their partner. And be comfortable with speaking about emotions – an integral part of reaching everlasting happiness and contentment with your partner.

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May 20, 2022
Maghrib Athaan


2 Hours 1 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr06:08 06:11
Jumuah12:43 12:46
Asr15:31 15:34
Maghrib17:50 17:53
Isha19:12 19:15
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