Egypt to join SA’s genocide case against “Israel”


[Picture: Sovereign Limits]

The list of countries joining or planning to join South Africa’s genocide case against the Israeli occupation entity is growing.

Egypt is the latest to announce that it will formally intervene in the case at the International Court of Justice to support Pretoria. Associate professor of political science at Long Island university, Dalia Fahmy has told Al Jazeera that this is a symbolic moment where the Egyptian government is putting its foot down.

It comes as Egypt has long enjoyed diplomatic ties with Zionist Israel and has played a mediator role in the region. Turkey which also has ties with Israel has said it plans to intervene. Three other countries Colombia, Libya, Nicaragua have already filed their interventions in support the genocide case.

Palestine’s Mujahideen Movement has welcomed these moves. It has called on Arab and Islamic countries to take further steps to support the oppressed Palestinian people and to increase pressure on the criminal Zionist entity. The resistance movement says they must also cut off all forms of relations with the Israeli entity, as it’s crucial in enhancing the isolation of this criminal terrorist entity that poses a threat to humanity.


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