EFF hypes up March 20th demo despite court order


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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are preparing for 24 hours of protests on March 20th.

Party leader, Julius Malema was addressing supporters in Gauteng, saying that they will not be limiting their demonstrations to one meeting point.

He has also responded to concerns that businesses may become targets for looters. Malema says that the EFF will not be looting on Monday.

But he has also warned businesses that choose to keep their doors open on the day not to blame the EFF if they are targeted by looters.

The demonstrations will call for an end to load shedding, and for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.

The rhetoric being used by Malema and his supporters has raised concern about what kind of disruptions will be experienced on the day.

Malema has also urged supporters not to make their plans known ahead of the demonstrations.

He was referring to people that had posted pictures of themselves with tyres, which were likely going to be used during Monday’s demonstrations.

Cape Town authorities have already cracked down on areas where they found tyres being stored.

The municipality suspects that the rubber was destined to be used in what the EFF has termed a shutdown.


Now the country’s security cluster has also held a briefing assuring the public that they will be swift in cracking down on any intimidation or violent protests.

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) says that the army will be on standby to monitor the protests.

Deputy National Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Tebello Mosikili says that the army will only be deployed if necessary.

She also says that security will be beefed up at ports of entry across the country.

But political commentator, Ebrahim Fakir says that Security Cluster is feeding into the fear that is being built up around these demonstrations.

He says that there was no need for the Security Cluster to hold a media briefing on this matter, rather for them to be more focused on how they would approach any cases of public violence

In the Western Cape…

Taxis and buses will be operating as normal on Monday.

The City of Cape Town has also secured a High Court interdict against attempts at inciting or participating in vandalism and disruption on March 20th.

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