SA health resources directed to EC, leading in Covid-19 fatalities


South Africa’s health resources are being directed to the Eastern Cape, as this province is leading in the number of Covid-19 related fatalities. It comes as the Eastern Cape government is coming under fire for failing to deliver services, and several of the Covid-19 related tender fraud cases have also come from that province.

Director of Communications for the Eastern Cape Health Department, Siyanda Manana, says that government’s support will ensure that the province overcomes the surge in Covid-19 related deaths and infections.

Meanwhile, all of the challenges experienced in South Africa are being amplified in the Eastern Cape.

This is the assessment of local governance NGO, Afesis Corplan’s executive director, Nontando Mgmlana. She was speaking as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is being hardest felt in the Eastern Cape.

The province is running out of food and water, and large amounts of the population is reliant on social grants.

Header image: Bhekisisa


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