Diepsloot boils over lack of policing and service delivery


(Picture: Unsplash)

Tensions remain high in Diepsloot following the arrest of three community leaders.

The densely populated township in Gauteng has been the scene of disruptive protests since last week.

The community is complaining about the lack of police visibility, high crime levels, influx of illegal immigrants and poor service delivery.

According to the office of the Gauteng police commissioner those protesting are mostly residents from informal settlements that have challenges with environmental design. It says that police vehicles are not able to go into these areas because of congestion and no electricity during the night. But adds that during the day, there are foot patrols by all law enforcement agencies.

The office has given an undertaking that the local police station management will engage with community leaders in Diepsloot and community-based structures as well as other departments to find long term solutions to the service delivery issues in the township.


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