Defusing the youth unemployment timebomb


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South Africa’s youth are bearing the brunt of the unemployment burden.

Millions, even those who have academic degrees, cannot support themselves as they cannot find a job and opportunities are in short supply.

Amid this government keeps on telling young people that they are creating jobs with the help of the private sector.

In 2018, the Youth Employment Service Initiative was announced with government setting the ambitious goal of creating a million new jobs and job opportunities over a three-year period. Four years later, youth joblessness remains at a record high with the initiative far from realising its target.


  • Micarlo Malan – Western Cape Head, National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)
  • Andile Zulu – Political commentator and Energy Democracy officer, Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC)
  • Ramilane Mohlakoane – Economics lecturer, Economics Department at UNISA

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