Crime, dumping abound around Wynberg mosque


[Picture: Yusufeyyah Muslim Youth / Facebook]

The Wynberg community is raising concern of an increase in crime and dumping in the area, especially near the Yusufeyyah Mosque. The dumping is blocking the key subway.

According to the Wynberg East Civic Association chairperson, Yunus Karriem, there has been an increase in the number of people occupying the area near the Wynberg station. Complaints have been lodged with the City of Cape Town, but they’ve yet to receive a response.

The City is on a campaign to remove homeless people from areas across the municipality, saying that it’s unfortunate they are being linked to an increase in crime.

Karriem says that the mosque has had to deal with people urinating against its walls. Ward councillor, Carmen Siebritz says that there are plans to address the situation.

However, people are occupying Prasa land, and the City has limited powers to take action. Karriem said that Prasa had informed Yusufeyyah Mosque that the occupants would be issued with eviction notices.

[Picture: Yusufeyyah Muslim Youth / Facebook]


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