Corrupt Maitland cop sent to jail


(Picture: Institute for Security Studies)

A Maitland police detective will spend six years in jail for bribery and asking a fellow officer to lie to cover up his corruption.

The Bellville Commercial Crimes Court found detective sergeant Denwin Jantjies guilty of fraud and violating the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act. A R4000 confiscation order was also issued.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) law enforcement had detained three suspects – one was in possession of drugs and another had nearly R8000 in cash.

Jantjies was ordered to take statements from the two accused – except the one with the drugs. – and release the pair. Instead, the detective demanded a R2 000 from each of the accused for their release.

The pair later lodged a complaint after finding out that no payment was required for their release from custody.

Constable Lizwi Ntengeshe also recanted two statements saying that Jantjies had influenced him to provide a false statement.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Advocate Nicolette Bell has welcomed the sentencing saying it sends a very strong message that the courts will not shy away from holding to account those who are entrusted with upholding the law.




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