Poor hardest hit by fuel hike


[Picture: The Oil Bloc]

Households reliant on illuminating paraffin and gas for cooking and to keep warm will feel the pinch of the latest fuel price hike which comes into effect at midnight.

They will need to dig deeper into their pockets as the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will increase by R2.50c/l while the single maximum retail selling price (SMRP) will go up by R3.55c/l. A kilogram of LP Gas will cost R2,50 more.

It comes as government has sought to cushion the hefty blow to motorists by implementing a R1,50c/l temporary reduction on the general fuel levy for petrol and diesel. However diesel will still see an increase of R1,68c/l. It’s likely to still push up the price of food and other essentials.


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