Dudu Myeni ruled SAA through fear


(Picture: GCIS)

Light has been shed on the power that former South African Airways board chair Dudu Myeni wielded.

Regarded as a close ally of former President Jacob Zuma, the State Capture Commission report reveals that she ruled the national carrier through fear and intimidation. It further notes that Myeni sabotaged the airline through a mixture of negligence, incompetence and deliberate corrupt intent dismantling SAA’s governance procedures. She also intricately involved herself in tender decisions.

The report found that attempts to criticise or remove her were met with resistance at the highest level.

At the commission Myeni refused to answer questions citing privilege against self incrimination. But the commission indicates that this privilege was often abused.

The police and National Prosecuting Authority have been asked to investigate her for among others fraud in relation to a single transaction that cost SAA R800 million.

Meanwhile the Zondo commission indicates that there is overwhelming and corroborated evidence that Myeni was unlawfully benefitting from State Security Agency (SAA) resources. It says she enjoyed protection of undercover operatives, trained overseas in counterintelligence strategies and intelligence gathering.

The commission says this reveals how powerful Myeni was and how close she was to then President Jacob Zuma. It further points that her close proximity to Zuma is also reflected in her dealings with the controversial company Bosasa and the power utility Eskom.


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