The US backed Israeli occupation regime has been told that it must wait as the battle has not yet begun.

The cryptic message was sent by the deputy head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Saleh Al-Arouri who says that the battles will surprise the Israeli enemy, and they will regret the crimes they have committed against the Palestinian people.

On a potential Israeli invasion into Gaza Al Arouri noted that it will mark a new and glorious chapter for their people and an unprecedented defeat for the occupation in the history of the struggle.

He assured Palestinians that the resistance is well despite the enemy’s crimes and promised that it will soothe their hearts. The resistance has said that it has surprises installed for the Israeli occupation entity.

Over the past 20 days the resistance fighters have largely fired small to medium range missiles and has yet to fully use its long-range missiles.

The frogmen of Al Qassam have also been able to enter so called Zikim in southern occupied Askalan. A move that yet again proves the weakness of the Israeli enemy and that it remains in disarray since October 7th when the historic Al Aqsa Flood operation was launched.


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